Unveiling Nature’s Gold Havens: Journey Through 6,000 Acres Beneath NYC’s Heart (Video)


Located just a stone’s throw away from Wall Street in New York City, there’s a massive underground gold vault housing reserves of over 6,000 tons, with a total value of billions of dollars. Visitors are welcome to tour the facility and experience its fascinating, but strictly prohibited, gold bars.

Often referred to as a “fortress” by the media, this facility is one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks of the United States. Situated at 33 Liberty Street in the Financial District, it contains a huge underground gold vault built during the 1920s.


Most of the gold in the vaults was deposited during and after World War II, as many countries wanted to keep their gold reserves in a safe location. However, withdrawals from the vault have slowed down, resulting in a gradual decline in overall holdings.

As of 2019, the vault holds approximately 497,000 gold bars, each weighing around 6,190 pounds. The bunker’s location in the bedrock of Manhattan, 24.2 meters below the road and 15 meters above sea level, allows it to withstand the weight of such a large quantity of gold.


The gold bars are transported by elevator from the street-level entrance to the vault located deep underground in the bedrock. Once there, they are stored in individual compartments fitted with double-lock security systems. These lockers are all numbered, allowing the Fed staff to easily locate a specific gold bar.

The security features are intricate, requiring multiple steps for access, ensuring that the gold remains safely stored. Although the vaults are not open to the public, there is a fascinating virtual tour available for those curious about the inner workings of the gold reserve system.

Curiously, the gold in the vault doesn’t technically belong to the US government; it’s essentially the property of 36 foreign governments, central banks, and international organizations. No individual or private entity is permitted to store gold in the vault.


Gold bars are transported back to the governments that own them through the Fed’s repayments program, ensuring the accurate return of each gold bar. This meticulous process is vital because the Fed must confirm the exact gold bars that the account holder originally deposited when they want to withdraw.

Tourists interested in visiting the gold bunker are advised to go through a rigorous security check, leave personal items outside, and not take pictures inside. The security staff is highly vigilant to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the gold reserves.

The security measures are imposed to strictly protect the gold reserve and prevent any unauthorized actions or breaches. The security team here is always armed and has successfully safeguarded the facility throughout its history.

For a sneak peek into the gold vault, visitors can watch the video linked above, offering a glimpse into this intriguing world of gold storage and security.

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