Unearthing Legends: The Intriguing Quest for Buried Treasure in the Philippines


Kelly said the most powerful legend about buried treasure he unearthed in the Philippines dates back to the 17th century, and is a story about how pirate Lima ᴜog CҺipo unearthed legendary loot, somewhat related to a place in the region of Papgasiρa and Fi lipinɑs.

Stories of pirate treasure emerged furiously, replaced by stories of gold lost in Mexico during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, and later by stories of treasure hidden in silver dollars.




YamasҺiTɑ’s desperate quest for eternal gold has come at a huge cost to FiƖipιnas’ true scientific treasures, KelƖy said.


“The Philippines is a really rich and very interesting archaeology, but really it’s about treasure hunting, what people have in it is more or less an idea of how what a Treasure is,” he said.


The official permit granted to treasure hunters to excavate on Papay Island is currently under investigation, Papay News reported, and regulatory authorities have been informed of the threat of landslides in the area.

But for now, Yɑmashitɑ’s search for gold continues.

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