The extraordinary journey of a girl whose heart was in the wrong place

Virsaviya Borυп Goпcharova is from Russia but currently lives in the United States. 11 years ago, he was born with an extremely rare copy and still has to live with it.

Consequently, from the moment she was in her mother’s womb, doctors diagnosed Virsaviya with Caprell’s petalogy. That is, the heart grows outside the chest. This is an extremely rare cognitive abnormality, the incidence is 1/1,000,000 people.


When she found out about her son’s usual development, Virsaviya’s mother Dari became very sad. However, the couple decided to have a child.

“Doctors told me that my daughter would probably die while I was pregnant or giving birth. But with what is happening before my eyes, I can openly say that Virsaviya is truly a miracle.” And I love Virsaviya very much. Virsaviya is strange to me. One of the 1 million most special people in this world,” Dari said.


Virsaviya with her mother and younger brother.

This year Virsaviya turns 11 and still lives happily and optimistically with her special heart. In 2015, Virsaviya’s parents took her to see specialists for surgery in the hopes of helping their daughter live a normal life.

However, due to the effect of high blood pressure on the arteries in the lungs, this was not possible. After that, Virsaviya’s copying forced her to stay in the hospital for a long time.


Virsaviya’s younger brother developed normally.

Currently, every time you do physical activity, you need to use an oxygen generator. Virsaviya also has to be very careful when she has friends because even a slight collision will damage her heart because it is located right under the ski.


Although life is difficult, Virsaviya is always optimistic and loves life. Sometimes you may experience some difficulties when the oxygen level in your blood drops, causing you to feel dizzy and your health will be seriously affected.

But I will always try to improve my life and do activities with my friends. I really like this.


2020 may have been a very boring year for everyone due to the impact of COVID-19 and we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything, but I chose to spend more time with my brother and family. family. I thought that was really cool.

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