Life with Quintuplets: The Adventures of the Merkulov Family’s Four Sons and Sweet Daughter at 3 Years Old

Four Sons And A Sweet Daughter” – The Quintuplets Alexander And Anastasia Are Already 3 Years Old. How Children Live And Look Like.

In the summer of 2017, married couple Alexander and Anastasia Merkulov gave birth to five children at once. Everyone thought that four children would be born, but in the end, five were born. This in no way upset the young parents, because where there are four, there are five.

The couple dreamed of having a child for a long time, but they constantly had problems with it – it didn’t work out. Anastasia considered herself to blame for this. Every pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

In 2016, Nastya told her husband Sasha that she was pregnant again, but the couple did not rejoice and tell everyone, so as not to jinx it.

At the first ultrasound, the doctor told the couple that they were expecting triplets, at the second – quadruplets, but in the end, quintuplets were born, which surprised all the doctors – four boys and one girl.

It’s been 3 years since the quintuplets were born. Now the family lives in their own house, thanks to numerous relatives they completed it, made major repairs, and bought everything necessary for a comfortable life. The house has two floors, a basement, and a garage.

They have their garden, which Nastya and Sasha look after because it’s so good when you eat your vegetables. The head of the family made himself a carpentry workshop, and his sons Ignat, Savely, Maxim, and Matvey are already trying to “help” him.

Raya’s daughter spends all her time with her mother. She is very obedient and calm, unlike her four bully brothers. Parents say: “It’s never boring!”

To cope with this small gang, Alexander and Anastasia adhere to a strict daily routine and teach the children discipline. From the very beginning of their lives, everything follows a schedule.

Now the family has only one breadwinner – Alexander. Nastya is not going to work yet, because she has enough worries and things to do at home. Raising children, cooking, washing, cleaning, and also a vegetable garden. Young parents are already tired of the question: “How do they manage to cope with everything?” They answer that it’s the same as everyone else.

The head of the family helps his wife prepare dinner after work or keeps the children occupied with something at this time. Of course, grandparents also help when asked. The main thing is that there is love and happiness in the house.

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