From Single Mom to Mother of 11: Russian Billionaire’s Surrogacy Journey in Georgia

A 23-year-old Russian mother lives in Batumi, Georgia with her eldest child Vika and her 56-year-old billionaire husband, born six years before her. However, Christina was determined to have more children and paid nine surrogates £7,000 each to carry their 10 biological children as the couple thought it was the perfect time to grow their family.

In an interview with “Closer” magazine, the mother of 11 children commented: “I like the idea of having many children of the same age, growing up together. Using a surrogate makes sense because we can have all the children at the same time while still ensuring that they were genetically ours.

Christina said she didn’t feel like she “lost anything” by using a surrogate because she had given birth before. child at a time. She also asserted that she and Galip were “completely invested” in each pregnancy. She also claimed that by not holding the children, she was “healthy” and prepared to care for them when they began born in March 2020.

The couple didn’t know the surrogates, but according to Christina, the biggest problem was not knowing what they were eating. Therefore, she developed a meal plan to ensure newborns get enough nutrition.

Christina went from being a single mother to having 10 children living under one roof in just 10 months. Christina has hired 11 nannies “who work around the clock” to help her take care of the children and manage everything.

The mother of 11 children detailed her daily schedule, saying she and her nannies wake up with their children at 6:30 a.m. and spend a few hours playing with them. After the children’s 10 a.m. nap, Christina and the maids would prepare meals for the coming week, take the children for walks, then spend the afternoon reading and watching cartoons.

Earlier this year, Christina and Galip said they were willing to pay up to $800,000 for 100 births. The wealthy couple announced on social networks that they had discussed having up to 105 children.

The mother needs to give birth to 12 children each year for the next 7 years to reach her goal of raising children before age 30.

The family resides in the Georgian coastal town of Batumi, which allows the use of surrogate mothers for pregnancies. Christina, who was born in Moscow and was a single mother of one, met her future husband, Galip, a Turkish real estate and transportation billionaire, while on vacation at the resort. resort on the beach.

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